Forever one of my favorites.

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My heart still can’t handle this damn scene.

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Munro is old as fuck


Lol I wasn’t aware 23 was old as fuck. Damn in that case I better start working on my retirement plans

Welp, guess turning 24 this year makes me 2 seconds from the grave…


🍉 @cassandrasteele

Why they sooo fab?


🍉 @cassandrasteele

Why they sooo fab?

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Can they just be a thing?

Can they just be a thing?

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I just fucking love the way Matlingsworth is being handled. It’s been months since they realized they liked each other but they are still in the flirty/friend stage. Like I want them together but I love the tension and cute little moments between them.


Degrassi Meme; [4 Quotes]

“Me. In an infinite universe, on an insignificant planet, what are we? One of six *billion* inhabitants, big deal. And honestly? If I were to say - if I were to disappear, who’d care? What would it matter? A subatomic blip in the temporal fabric of creation. So there you have it. Craig Manning.”


Favorite Degrassi Moments

Violence just multiplies violence.


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